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Ingredients Rationale for
Extreme Health's
Oral Chelation / Age-Less Formula

Ingredients that have the ability to assist the body in:


Garlic Vanadium Hesperidin Beet Juice
L - Lysine B3 (Niacin) Iodine (as kelp) Hawthorne Berry
L - Methionine B6 (Pyridoxine Inositol Rutin
Sodium Alginate Choline MSM Magnesium
TMG (Trimethylglycine) Chromium Potassium Copper
Lipase L- Carnitine Vitamin E Liv- 1 (artichoke powder)
Calcium CoQ10

Vitamin A B6 (Pyridoxine) Grape Seed Ginko
B1 (Thiamin) Biolavinoids Green Tea Liv- 1 (artichoke powder)
B2 (Riboflavin) CoQ10 Hesperidin L- Taurine
B3 (Niacin) Copper L- Glutathione B5 (Calcium Pantothenate)

Activated Attapulgite Sodium Alginate Bioflavonoids Magnesium
Chlorella L- Lysine Cilantro Vitamin E
EDTA Vitamin C L- Glutathione L- Methionine
Garlic Calcium Selenium Manganese
L - Cysteine Hawthorne Berry Zinc Gluconate B1 (thiamin)
Lipoic Acid

Chlorella Vitamin C
L - Cystcine Cilantro
L- Methionine L - Glutathione

Activated Attapulgite Cilantro Selenium Vitamin C
Chlorella L- Glutathione Zinc Rutin
Garlic Lutein Milk Thistle Quercitin
L- Cysteine Lycopene

Vitamin E

L- Lysinc
Lipoic Acid Magnesium Alpha Lipoic Acid PABA
L- Methionine Manganese Catalase Sodium Alginate

B6 Garlic Folic Acid
B12 Trimethylglycine

Garlic Folic L- Taurine
L- Carnitine Vitamin C B6
Selenium Vitamin E B12
Magnesium Quercitin Green Tea

Hawthorne Magnesium
Manganese Inositol


Each bottle contains 60 capsules.
The ingredients with mg's below are per 3 capsules

Activated Attapulgite (Clay) (proprietary blend)
Alpha-Lipoic acid (Thioctic) (proprietary blend)
Carrageenan (Irish Moss) (proprietary blend)
Chlorella (proprietary blend)
EDTA(Calcium Disodium) (proprietary blend)
Garlic (proprietary blend)
L-Cysteine (proprietary blend)
L-Lysine (HCL) (proprietary blend)
L-Methionine (proprietary blend)
Sodium Alginate (proprietary blend)
Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) (300 mg)
Bromelain (25 mg)
Lipase (25 mg)
Catalase (5 mg)

Each bottle contains 60 capsules.
The ingredients with mg's below are per 3 capsules

Beet Juice Powder (proprietary blend)
Bioflavonoids (proprietary blend)
Calcium (citrate) (100 mg)
Choline (50 mg)
Chondroitin Sulfate A (proprietary blend)
Chromium (100 mcg)
Cilantro Extract (proprietary blend)
Copper Gluconate. (2.5 mg)
Coenzyme Q10. (proprietary blend)
Ginkgo Biloba Extract (proprietary blend)
Grape Seed OPC's. (proprietary blend)
Green Tea (proprietary blend)
Hawthorne Berry Extract (proprietary blend)
Hesperidin (proprietary blend)
Iodine (as kelp) (50 mg)
Inositol (proprietary blend)
L-Carnitine (proprietary blend)
L-Glutathione (proprietary blend)
L-Proline (proprietary blend)
L-Taurine (proprietary blend)
Liver Support (artichoke powder) (proprietary blend)
Lutein (proprietary blend)
Lycopene (proprietary blend)
Magnesium (50 mg)
Manganese (2.5 mg)
Methyl Sulfonyl Methene (MSM) (proprietary blend)
Milk Thistle Extract (85%) (proprietary blend)
Molybdenum (100 mcg)
PABA (proprietary blend)
Potassium (30 mg)
Quercetin (proprietary blend)
Rutin (proprietary blend)
Selenium (50 mcg)
Vanadium (proprietary blend)
Vitamin A (as Beta Carotene) (5000 IU)
Vitamin D3 (100 IU)
Vitamin B(Thiamine) (12.5 mg)
Vitamin B2(Riboflavin) (12.5 mg)
Vitamin B-3(Niacinamide) (15 mg)
Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic Acid) (12.5 mg)
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) (7.5 mg)
Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) (25 mcg)
Vitamin B (Folic acid) (200 mcg)
Vitamin B (Biotin) (50 mcg)
Vitamin B (Choline) (proprietary blend)
Vitamin E (100 IU)
Zinc Gluconate (3.75 mg)
Bromelain (25 mg)
Lipase (25 mg)
Catalase (5 mg)


Alpha-Lipoic Acid (Thioctic Acid) - An extremely powerful antioxidant capable of trapping many different types of free radicals in the body and also is able to chelate (pull out) heavy metals such as lead cadmium and mercury.

Chlorella - A freshwater nutritive single-celled green algae superfood a regenerative tonic blood builder anti-viral anti-biotic and anti-carcinogenic that enhances the immune system. It facilitates heavy metals being removed from the body. Chlorella can mobilize mercury from inside the brain and from non-neurologic structures (muscles ligaments connective tissue and bone).

Carrageenan - DL-Methionine is an amino acid. DL-methionine assists in many of the detoxification mechanisms in the body. DL-Methionine chelates heavy metals such as Lead. Plays an important role in some drug-detoxifying pathways. A diet "deficient in methionine causes premature atherosclerosis" which is fatty fibrous plaques which can diminish arterial flow.

EDTA - EDTA (ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid) is an amino acid. EDTA is so effective at removing unwanted minerals and metals from the blood it has been the standard-FDA-approved-treatment for lead mercury aluminum and cadmium poisoning for more than 50 years.

Garlic (active ingredient-allicin) - Chelates heavy metals such as Cadmium Gold Lead and Mercury and acts as a detoxifier. It has been shown to lower LDL cholesterol and triglycerides total cholesterol by an average of 9-12% hypertension (high blood pressure) and has been used as a preventative measure for atherosclerosis (fatty deposits on the artery walls). Used primarily for its well-documented cardiovascular benefits in Europe and in the U.S. it has also been researched for its chemo-preventive properties by the National Cancer Institute. It has been used as an anti-tumor agent to inhibit tumor growth and as an anti-biotic anti-fungal and anti-septic formula.
Activated Attapulgite (clay) - Chelates (bonds) with heavy metals throughout the intestinal tract.

L-Cysteine - An amino acid. Cysteine acts as a complexing agent by attaching itself to the lead and carrying it out of the body. It is a heavy metal scavenger and liver protector. It is sometimes used to improve cholesterol ratios and to help lessen the risk of coronary artery disease.

L-Lysine - An amino acid involved in the structural repair of damaged blood vessels. It has a beneficial effect on lead toxicity and high blood pressure.

Sodium Alginate - Binds with unwanted toxic metals and removes them from the body through the intestinal tract.

Trimethylglycine TMG - The newest and most effective compound which contributes to DNA stability liver detoxification brain neurotransmitter production. TMG can lower homocysteine levels naturally and thereby lower our risk of heart and vascular disease.

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) - An antioxidant in its own right vitamin C also helps to protect us from heavy metals particularly lead and arsenic which can poison certain enzyme reactions in your body. It protects artery linings by making them more resistant to the kind of injury that permits plaque formation. It is also used to protect us from the effects of environmental pollution and is a free radical fighter.

Bromelain - A potent enzyme that naturally supports the body's ability to break down blood clots as they develop and diminish inflammation.

Lipase - An enzyme that assists in the breakdown and digestion of fat in the body and arteries.

Catalase - Antioxidant. Catalase converts hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water metabolic products which the body can use.


Beet Juice Powder - This nutrient-rich food is known to improve general circulation by inhibiting congestion of the vascular system. Beet Juice Powder is a natural blood cleanser which greatly benefits the liver and entire body.

Bioflavonoids (lemon) - Bioflavonoids are color producing pigments found in plants. Bioflavonoids are antioxidants known for their ability to chelate (bond with and remove) metals from the body. They reduce blood cell stickiness and decrease bleeding from small fragile vessels.

Calcium (citrate) - Essential for healthy bones CNS (Central Nervous System) muscle and cardiac function. Its deficiency is associated with hypertension and palpitations. It replaces the calcium that is lost by chelating substances.

Choline - Choline is a vitamin that is called a lipotropic (has an affinity for lipids-fats). Lipotropics are fat metabolism assisting agents. Its deficiency is associated with cardiac symptoms and hypertension.

Chondroitin Sulfate A - This nutrient is a constituent of the arterial wall and has anti-coagulant (prevents blood stickiness) anti-lipemic (anti-fat in blood stream) and anti-thrombogenic (prevents clots) properties.

Chromium - Chromium has been shown to lower serum cholesterol and triglyceride levels and raise healthy HDL levels. Chromium also increases glucose tolerance another important aspect of artery protection.

Cilantro Extract (Chinese Parsley) - Shown in clinical trials and research to mobilize mercury tin and other toxic metals stored in the brain and spinal cord and moves them rapidly out of those tissues. This is a revolutionary discovery and makes Cilantro the first known substance that mobilizes mercury from the CNS (Central Nervous System).

Copper Gluconate - Copper is an essential trace mineral needed for good human health. It is also one of the most important blood antioxidants. A copper deficiency causes higher serum cholesterol levels along with the lesions similar to those seen in coronary artery disease. Its deficiency is associated with hypercholesterolemia (increased levels of fat in the blood) and myocardial (heart muscle) degeneration.

Coenzyme Q10 - A vitamin-like substance that resembles Vitamin E but which may be an even more powerful antioxidant. It plays a critical role in the effectiveness of the immune system and in the aging process. Testing has shown that CoQ10 reduces angina and improves cardiac function. Dr. Peter Langsjoen and Dr. Karl Folkers have demonstrated in clinical studies that CoQ10 could eliminate the need for heart and blood pressure medications for millions of Americans. A study in the American Journal of Cardiology (AJC) showed that CoQ10 cut the incidence of angina attacks in half. In every test run patients on CoQ10 had better exercise tolerance than those who had similar conditions but were not given the vitamin. CoQ10 is important for energy production. It also improves circulation lowers blood pressure and acts as a chelating agent.

Ginkgo Biloba Extract - An herbal extract from the oldest tree known to man ginkgo biloba has been double-blind tested many times for its ability to increase the oxygen content to the brain and other bodily tissues. It has been shown to promote mental clarity and concentration increase alertness and short-term memory and has been used preventatively in regenerative compounds for loss of memory and senility in cardiac protection formulas against stroke and atherosclerosis and for hearing disorders and vertigo (dizziness) where blood flow is poor in the ears. It also offers significant protective action against the development of Alzheimer's disease hearing loss and strokes and it protects arterial walls.

L-Glutathione - Glutathione can cross the blood-brain barrier it can remove mercury cadmium and other toxic metals from the brain. A powerful free radical scavenger and antioxidant that removes unwanted substances from the body.

Grape Seed Extract OPC - With high levels of oligomeric proanthocyanidin which is 50 times more potent than vitamin E and 20 times more potent than vitamin C which makes this an antioxidant and free-radical scavenger per excellence. It has the ability to decrease capillary fragility (weakness-bruising) atherosclerosis and diabetes. It is rapidly absorbed and distributed throughout the body even across the blood brain barrier. It has also shown to have anti-inflammatory and antimutagenic (anti-cancer) properties.

Green Tea - Green Tea has demonstrated superior antioxidant properties in experimental studies than vitamin C or E. Green Tea also has the capability to increase the activity of antioxidant enzymes.

Hawthorne Berry Extract / Craetaegus Oxyacantha - Used as a cardiac tonic and protects arterial walls. It has the ability to dilate coronary blood vessels the vessels supplying the heart with vital oxygen and nutrients. It has also been used for support of cardiac failure hypertension (high blood pressure) arterisclerosis (hardening of the arteries) angina pectoris (heart/vascular pain) and tachycardia (rapid heart beat).

Heseperidin - A bioflavonoid. Bioflavonoids have antioxidant actions and potent anti-allergy anti-inflammatory and anti-viral activity. Works with vitamin C for the promotion of vascular tissue strength.

Iodine (kelp) - Iodine is vital for the production of thyroid hormones which control the production of energy.

Inositol - Its deficiency is associated with hypercholesterolemia (increased blood fat levels).

L-Carnitine - Carnitine has been intensely researched by professionals for several years and its most established application has been in the treatment and prevention of heart disease. L-Carnitine not only lowers blood fat levels dramatically but it also makes the heart stronger and healthier. Carnitine can lower both triglyceride and total cholesterol levels. It can also decrease angina and blood pressure while directly increasing the metabolic efficiency of the liver and the heart. Thus it is very useful for treating congestive heart failure.

L-Proline - An amino acid involved in the structural repair of damaged collagen in arteriosclerotic blood vessels (hardened arteries).

L-Taurine - In heart muscle taurine is essential for proper calcium balance and metabolism. Taurine specifically supports heart function with its antioxidant action by preventing arrhythmias reducing hypertension reducing platelet stickiness and by improving cardiac contractility. Taurine has been considered effective therapy for congestive heart failure.

Liver Support (artichoke powder) - An extremely effective product for detoxifying the liver normalizing liver metabolism and preventing further damage due to internal and external toxins such as alcohol and environmental poisons. Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. Two sets of double blind studies support the effectiveness of this liver support formula.

Lutein - Carotenoid antioxidant.

Lycopene - Antioxidant anti-tumor agent.

Magnesium - One of the most powerful antioxidants for your heart and circulatory system. Magnesium is important for proper nerve lung and cardiac function. It has been shown to be capable of lowering blood pressure. A magnesium deficiency has been linked with cardiovascular disease. Capable of preventing arrhythmias (heart beat irregularity) magnesium has been shown to cut platelet aggregation (blood stickiness) and avert spasm of the coronary arteries. It also improves the metabolic efficiency of the myocardium (heart muscle) and reduces angina when other measures fail. 'In chelation therapy magnesium helps the coronary arteries to relax and open up so that a greater amount of blood can flow through them.' the writes Dr. Morton Walker in the Chelation Way.

Manganese - An antioxidant. Its deficiency is associated with atherosclerosis (fibrous fatty plaques on the artery walls) and hypercholesterolemia (high levels of fat in the blood).

Methyl Sulfonyl Methene (MSM) - Found to help in dissolving scar tissue decrease inflammation increases elasticity in the body.

Milk Thistle Extract (85%) - Also know as Silymarin Milk Thistle Extract is many times more potent in antioxidant activity than vitamin E. It has been shown in studies to be effective in treating arteriosclerosis. Milk Thistle is also known to be protective of the liver by increasing its ability to detoxify numerous toxic substances including pesticides and heavy metals (lead mercury cadmium arsenic etc.).

Molybdenum - An essential trace mineral.

Potassium - Vital in muscle contraction nerve conduction and the beating of the heart. It lowers the blood pressure of many people suffering from high blood pressure. Its deficiency is associated with hypercholesterolemia (increased levels of fat in the blood) hypotension and slow irregular heartbeat.

Quercetin - A bioflavonoid protector of capillary walls (promotion of vascular tissue strength). Bioflavonoids have antioxidant actions and potent anti-inflammatory activity.

Rutin - A bioflavonoid. Aids in the elimination of cholesterol in the body and helps the body to develop greater elasticity of the arterial walls to promote greater blood flow and protect the capillaries.

Selenium - Considered to be from 200 to 500 times more potent an antioxidant than Vitamin E. Selenium and Vitamin E are synergistic as antioxidants and inhibit or prevent the damage to tissues by free radicals which have been cited as causal factors in heart disease atherosclerosis arthritis and aging. Selenium chelates heavy metals such as Cadmium Lead Mercury and Silver. It is important for the protection of heart cells and other cells against oxidative damage. It has been observed that as selenium absorption decreases cardiovascular disease increases. Its deficiency is associated with hypercholesterolemia (high level of fat in the blood).

Vanadium - An essential trace mineral. Used in glucose (sugar) metabolism.

Vitamin A (Beta Carotene) - Helps the body overcome the problem of thickening and hardening of the artery walls (dissimilated sclerosis) in other parts of the circulatory system. Helps reduce blood cholesterol. Vitamin A is essential for the normal structure and function of epithelial cells which protect the body from all kinds of environmental contamination. Vitamin A is a very powerful antioxidant for your heart and circulatory system.

Biotin - Plays an important role in some drug-detoxifying pathways. Important enzyme cofactor. Its deficiency is associated with hypercholesterolemia (excessive amounts of cholesterol in the blood).

Folic Acid - Reduces homocysteine (major cause of heart disease) levels decreases risk of heart disease.

PABA - Antioxidant nutrient that inhibits the formation of the damaging free radicals (unbonded oxygen molecules that cause aging and degeneration).

Vitamin B1 (Thiamin) - Antioxident nutrient that helps the body to inhibit the formation of the damaging free radicals. Vitamin B1 chelates heavy metals such as lead. It is effective in the treatment of uneven heartbeat low blood pressure and chest pain.

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) - Antioxidant nutrient that helps the body inhibit the formation of the damaging free radicals. Enhances adrenal/heart functions; prevents deterioration of blood vessels. Helps to prevent arterial sclerosis (hardening of the arteries).

Vitamin B3 (Niacin) - Antioxidant nutrient that helps the body inhibit the formation of the damaging free radicals. Lowers blood levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol and triglycerides.

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) - Stabilizes blood lipid (fat) levels.

Vitamin B5 (Calcium Pantothenate) - Antioxidant nutrient that helps the body inhibit the formation of damaging free radicals. It is vital to human metabolism and it also stimulates the healing process. Its deficiency is associated with hypotension and tachycardia (rapid heart beat).

Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine HCL) - Antioxidant nutrient that helps the body inhibit the formation of the damaging free radicals. Excess homocysteine causes atherosclerosis (thickening and hardening of the artery walls) and an adequate supply of Vitamin B-6 will prevent the accumulation of this toxic metabolite. B-6 deficiency can weaken the heart muscle and raise serum cholesterol levels.

Vitamin B12 (Cyanocobalamin) - Oxygen carrier decreases blood cholesterol; metabolizes fat. Vitamin B12 is essential in humans for healthy nerve tissues. Its deficiency is associated with heart palpitations.

Vitamin D3 - Promotes calcium absorption for proper heart muscle function.

Vitamin E - A very potent antioxidant. As an antioxidant it protects the body from free radicals. Vitamin E chelates heavy metals such as mercury. It is important in protecting cell membranes from oxidative destruction. It is the king of cardiovascular nutrients. It prevents the buildup of LDL cholesterol in the arterial wall. Vitamin E can decrease platelet adherence to damaged artery walls much like Vitamin C. While helping myocardium (heart muscle) use oxygen more efficiently vitamin E can even lift HDL (good) cholesterol levels. Protects against heart disease.

Zinc Gluconate - An effective free radical inhibitor. Zinc chelates heavy metals such as Cadmium and Lead. Its deficiency is associated with hypercholesterolemia (increased fats in the blood).

Bromelain - A potent enzyme that naturally supports the body's ability to break down blood clots as they develop and diminish inflammation.

Lipase - An enzyme that assists in the breakdown and digestion of fat in the body and arteries.

Catalese - An antioxidant. Catalase converts hydrogen peroxide into oxygen and water metabolic products which the body can use.

Order *Each Set comes with a 28 page booklet that includes directions recommendations ingredients rationales for ingredients and other valuable health information.

FDA Pharmaceutical approved manufacturing plant and procedures

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